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INGENIUM is an alliance of ten institutions of higher education from ten European countries. We seek to enable each member of the network to offer high-quality study and qualification programmes with digital components which are shared within the INGENIUM Alliance. Due to the internationalisation of courses and an increase in student and staff mobility, the promotion of intercultural competence among teachers and students is of central interest to us.

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60 scholarships for international students interested in Psychology of Well-being and Performance

We deliver, among others, a Master course in Psychology of Well-Being and Performance, delivered fully in English.

INGENIUM will be funded by EU’s ‘European Universities’ initiative over the next four years!

We are proud to announce that INGENIUM’s application for EU funding in the framework of the ‘European Universities’ initiative has been approved.

Tolerance is a virtue. I believe that our responsibility, as academics, is to push our students to become more tolerant to diversity and to open their minds. European universities are the best place to achieve these goals.

What motivates me about INGENIUM is the prospect of building strong cross-cultural ties between students, academics, and professionals from various backgrounds. I love bringing people together and I am absolutely fascinated by the synergies and energies a cooperation between institutions can unleash.

I believe in cooperation and in bringing together the ideas from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures. That is a complex environment to achieve conclusions. However, it is always a great learning achievement, and when the conclusion is finally reached, it is superior to the conclusion drawn by just like-minded people with the same background. INGENIUM provides this opportunity to the students and the faculty and staff of all the partner universities.

I regard INGENIUM as a very exciting project since it creates real-world connections between individuals from many European countries. What is more, as a student, I highly value the fact that the alliance will extend the academic offer at each institution through shared online classes and will therefore improve the study experience of thousands of my peers.

Through the INGENIUM Alliance, we are pursuing excellence in education and research, and adapting to the forthcoming challenges in European Higher Education Area.

Universities are a unique creation of the European civilization. The INGENIUM European University is made up of diverse universities and countries that, by encouraging mobility of students and staff, can contribute to a better understanding of ourselves, our shared values and also our cultural differences.

I am deeply European, I believe that our generation has the responsibility to help the next generation to better understand the world, to collaborate between themselves to seize the great environmental challenges. INGENIUM is a great European adventure that modestly participates in this.

Science is global and sees no borders. What you see on the map are just constructed and artificial lines. Cooperation is the key to excellence and I believe that the INGENIUM Alliance could bring students, teachers and researchers together to work towards this goal.




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We are diverse: research and applied universities, old and new, comprehensive and specialist; nevertheless, we share the same values regarding education, research, innovation and social engagement. We consider our diversity as one of our key features and distinctive strengths.

2nd INGENIUM Symposium in Rouen on October 5 and 6, 2022

The INGENIUM network is strongly committed to European and global issues, which are materialised around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the European Commission’s European Green Deal (EGD) growth strategy.

The Latin word INGENIUM stands for innate or natural quality, natural capacity or, finally, for talent. In modern languages, its semantic field includes terms such as genius, ingenious or engineer. Few words can be, therefore, more appropriate to name an alliance of universities, which are the main repositories for and generators of knowledge, of genius.