trilateral conference for alliances with members from France, Germany, Sweden

Conference about European Universities

Mikael Ejdebäck (HIS) and Eric Dargent (URN) have participated as Ingenium members in a trilateral conference  (17-18 NOV 2022, Stockholm) for alliances with members from France, Germany, Sweden called: European Universities, What’s next?

During the first day, three round table discussion had take place on Curricula and the degrees, on Research within the alliances and on Student participation. Old and new alliances as well as alliances not yet funded participated in the round tables. The second day, four workshops took place on SDG, lifelong learning, applied research and links to ecosystems. The exchanges were interesting, the oldest alliances were able to show the diversity of the university alliances in Europe, and their efforts,success as well as the challenges they have experienced so far. The need to bring the academic community and even more so the students into the operative alliance work appeared to be an absolute priority.

Partners met for workshop in Karlsruhe

Within the framework of the European higher education alliance INGENIUM and in the spirit of cooperation, representatives of two of the 10 alliance partners – Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, or XAMK for short – met for a workshop in Karlsruhe on November 2 and 3, 2022. The workshop sessions focussed on how to expand cross-national teaching and student exchange programs. In addition, there were preliminary discussions of a possible summer school on educational gaming and talks on how to overcome obstacles.


Digital INGENIUM Staff Day 2022

On Wednesday, October 19, our first ever INGENIUM Staff Day was held virtually. Staff from the alliance’s various international departments exchanged thoughts on challenges and procedures students face when seeking to study abroad. In many exciting discussions we embraced our commitment to lower the boundaries for our students to study abroad and encourage mobility. Offering more internship options for visiting students and extending the English-speaking courses represent  important bricks in achieving these goals.

60 scholarships for international students interested in Psychology of Well-being and Performance

The University G. d’Annunzio, Chieti-Pescara will award 60 scholarships for international students in the next year. We deliver, among others, a Master course in Psychology of Well-Being and Performance, delivered fully in English. If you are interested in Psychology of Well-being and Performance do not hesitate to contact Marcello Costantini.




INGENIUM will be funded by EU’s ‘European Universities’ initiative over the next four years!

We are proud to announce that INGENIUM’s application for EU funding in the framework of the ‘European Universities’ initiative has been approved. Chosen from a large pool of applicants, under a strict set of criteria, the alliance will receive a total of EUR 14.4 million to further expand its collaboration across all action fields. This funding shows that the shared effort to create a European inter-university ‘campus’ with physical academic mobility, virtual mobility and blended learning has been acknowledged. We are absolutely thrilled about the academic opportunities the grant will open up for thousands of students within our network. This success motivates us to work even harder in the future to implement further ideas and initiatives of INGENIUM. A big thank you goes out to the ‘European Universities’ commission for honouring our work and supporting our vision of tomorrow’s study landscape in Europe.

Check out the all-new official YouTube account of INGENIUM

INGENIUM’s all-new YouTube account gives you glimpses into our network’s activities. For instance, you will find visuals of our campuses, impressions from our student body as well as links to our members’ social media accounts there. Stay updated, follow us, and get in touch with the alliance! We are looking forward to providing you with a channel full of rich information and entertainment! Don’t hesitate and follow the link below to find out more


2nd INGENIUM Symposium: Sustainable Development Goals of European Universities

The INGENIUM network is strongly committed to European and global issues, which are materialised around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the European Commission’s European Green Deal (EGD) growth strategy. In order to reflect on this subject collectively, the partners will meet in Rouen on October 5 and 6, 2022 for the second edition of the INGENIUM Symposium.

First face-to-face meeting between XAMK and URN partners

First face-to-face meeting between XAMK and URN partners

The first face-to-face meeting between international relations staff of South Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK) – partner of the INGENIUM network since February 2022 – and University of Rouen Normandy (URN), took place in the URN’s Mont-Saint-Aignan campus on June 9.

The members of the two universities discussed their international strategies and shared good practices on course digitalisation, student mobility and inter-institutional agreements.

The INGENIUM partner universities continue to build their cooperation within the network and aim to achieve their goal of becoming a European University alliance.    

MTU students in Finland

MTU Students come together to create and Innovate in Lahti, Finland

A group of MTU students returned from Lahti, Finland this week after taking part in an innovative programme aimed at encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship among students from a range of disciplines.

Entitled ‘European Creative Futures’, now in its 13th year, this Erasmus Intensive Programme was hosted by LAB University of Applied Sciences, Lahti, Finland to bring together students from European countries with the aim of promoting business acumen and entrepreneurial know how among students intending to pursue careers in the creative industries.

This week long programme of intensive study and practical learning allowed 40 students to share experiences, points of view and learn together about entrepreneurship.

The fourteen MTU students came from a wide range of programmes of study including Public Relations, Fine Art, Multimedia, Music, Journalism, Business Information Systems and Business. They were joined by 26 students from similar backgrounds from Finland, Norway and the Netherlands for the programme.
>From the outset, the students worked in small multi-disciplinary groups generating business ideas and carried out market research to identify target markets and pitched their ideas to industry mentors. Students learned by doing through a series of interactive lectures, group discussions and workshops.

Some of the business ideas established in the limited time frame included:

  • E-Ware – an energy saving product that provides awareness and the opportunity for users to analyse what individual product usage cost is in their homes
  • Foobia – a table-top game where players match obscure phobias with professions in order to create a series of unfortunate (but hilarious) combinations
  • Noozle – an educational tool that promotes digital literacy amongst young students through gamified tasks that identify fake news, disinformation and the implicit biases held by all of us
  • Planeat –  a wayfinding mobile app used to help you navigate a grocery store in the most time efficient and hassle free-way
  • Wardrobe-It – a mobile app which will consist of two main features, a wardrobe organiser and an online platform to buy and sell pre-loved and vintage clothing
  • Rest with Easea website to relieve the pressure and stress on grieving family members arranging funerals as well as helping to reduce funeral costs

Ensuring it wasn’t all work, the Finnish hosts organised a full schedule of social and cultural activities for the students which included a “Trip to a Local Brewery ‘, ‘Gala – Dinner’ and a trip to go  ‘Ice -Swimming’ an experience enjoyed by all.My thanks to Margaret Mulderrig, Erasmus Officer for supporting this Erasmus Intensive Programme and Louise Byrne, Faculty Administrator for organising the trip and huge thanks to the core ECF Team: Dr Breda Kenny, Emmett Coffey and Frank O’Donovan who travelled with the students and taught on the programme and ensured that all participants including our own MTU students had a great learning experience and a memorable week.

INGENIUM strives to be part of the European Universities Initiative

Currently, INGENIUM is preparing a proposal for the 2022 call for alliances under the European Universities Initiative. This is organised by the European Commission, which is part of the Erasmus+ action programme ‘Partnerships of Excellence’.